The Hudson Milliner — A Boutique Guesthouse & Inn — Hudson, New York

A renovated, vintage- and industrial-inspired boutique guesthouse & inn located in the heart of Hudson, New York. A charming, lovely place to stay during your upstate getaway.

A beautiful wedding at the hudson milliner

The fabulous hair/makeup artist Sabrina Rowe and I having been working with each other for quite some time now. On a catalogue job in Charleston, SC, she informed me she was looking for a wedding venue to get married to her fiancé, Joe Holdsworth, a still life and food photographer. She was initially looking for a destination, Costa Rica and Jamaica were contenders. This January I asked her to collaborate with me on a shoot in Hudson for my website, and I invited her to stay at the Hudson Milliner. It was love at first sight! She adored the Milliner and Hudson, NY so much, that she knew that her search for a wedding venue had reached its obvious conclusion: The Hudson Milliner!

The wedding took place on 11 March 2015. It was a delight! It was wonderful to get to know Joe better and meet their terrific friends. Originally, the ceremony was to take place in a gazebo in a park around the corner, but snow and mud had them move inside to the Top Hat Suite for their vows. It’s actually quite a lovely room for a small wedding in a pinch! I had a blast photographing the events, and I am amazed any of the photographs of the ceremony were in focus, as I was shooting through many tears!
– Shannon, co-owner of The Hudson Milliner.

Joe adjusts his tie in the Bowler Suite. Dresses hang in the Petite Chapeaux

Getting ready for the big day in bathroom of the Fedora suite

Vows exchanged in the Top Hat suite

Vows exchanged in the Top Hat suite

Sabrina declaring her love in the Top Hat suite. The happy couple in the hallway of The Milliner

Descending the staircase from the Top Hat and Bowler suites.

The newlyweds in the doorway of the Hudson Milliner.