The Hudson Milliner — A Boutique Guesthouse & Inn — Hudson, New York

A renovated, vintage- and industrial-inspired boutique guesthouse & inn located in the heart of Hudson, New York. A charming, lovely place to stay during your upstate getaway.


Please join me this Saturday from 5-8 PM to celebrate the opening of the Hudson Milliner Art Salon

Bring friends, bring frenemies ... we all have a reason to celebrate our checkered past and present in this crazy time we live in.

History is flawed, made for the flawed, by the flawed and this is the struggle I set out to depict. 

I start by painting with a narrow color spectrum. Generally it’s teal, white, black and iron oxide. Then I “rust” the canvas, collage it and glaze over with oil. I do collage to include a narrative or just a sound bite. I add “retro”- collage to refer back to where the image came from (a bit like giving a tree roots) and to discretely bring in brash abstract shapes without disrupting the figurative work.

I like to narrow down the composition to three things: depth of field, shadow and light and each individual’s fight with gravity. Sports teams do it as one and each on their own which I find is powerful and well worth depicting. Each body part joins in: your portrait starts with your feet.

I love Americana for its great void. I also love iconography for its weight and it’s long historic shadow.

By marrying the two I intend to throw that long shadow straight into the void and see what happens. Please let me share the outcome with you.

So Bring Your Curious Eye!